CML New Finishing

Coating machines and application techniques

Roller application technique

The technology of roller application systems for coating flat surfaces has been consolidated for many years.

It offers these main advantages:

  • zero emissions into the atmosphere, thanks to the use of prevalently water-based (colours and primers) or UV-based (plaster, base and finishing paints) coating products
  • zero waste of coating product, as it is totally placed back in recirculation, and the part that is not applied to the panels goes back to the paint tank for re-use.

The ZENITH series also includes a vast range of roller coaters that are able to fulfil any application need on flat surfaces.

Flat spray application technique

This is the application field where the synergy between CML Finishing and associate ROBERT BUERKLE GmbH is strongest.
Automatic spray coaters, whether they use reciprocating or rotary movement, represent the normal evolution of manual applications in spray booths, thanks to their extreme flexibility, the possibility of applying the coating product simultaneously on the top and edges of the panel and allowing the use of any type of paint, whether it is water or solvent-based.

The conveyor system can be a self-cleaning belt, either with the recovery of the excess paint that is not applied to the piece, or with disposable paper.
On the other hand, the solid particulate contained in the ejection air can be abated with dry filters or with a water system.

An extremely vast series of accessories that can be included in the flat spray application technique: multiple paint feed circuits, motorised head height adjustment, quick gun plate change with external machine washing, quick colour change, super air filtering systems etc. etc. All of these are available for customisation of the machine, thereby effectively adapting it to the specific needs of the customers and the result that they desire.

Of the flat spray application techniques, one uses the Controlled-axis Robot which represents the best that the market has to offer for customers looking for excellent application quality or who work with a type of product with particular aesthetic features and sizes.

The number of times that the spray guns go over the piece, or over the various areas of the piece (surface or edge) and the direction of application (lengthwise or crosswise or mixed) are programmable, thereby making it possible to obtain the desired finishing quality even on pieces that are particularly complicated, shape-wise.

The impregnation systems for example of beams or linear wood elements that use a gravity flow system called "flow-coating" complete the range of spray application techniques, used exclusively by the wood industry. Flow-coating works at very low pressures and with high amounts of applied product, specifically so that the wood absorbs the treatment products (fungicides or other)

Spray application technique for suspended elements

Vertical spray systems involve two machine categories:

Automatic oscillating reciprocators that replace manual applications in spray booths, thanks to their high production capacity and the possibility of simultaneously applying the coating product on the front as well as on the sides of the piece. This is carried out with the aid of electrostatic application systems that allow the use of any paint, whether water or solvent-based.

In turn, 6-axis coating robots replace manual applications in spray booths, allowing the repetition of the movement with a high level of application quality.
Thanks to their high precision, they allow the simultaneous application of the coating product on both the front and sides of the piece, also guaranteeing the use of any paint, whether water or solvent-based. The spraying programs are self-generated based on images acquired by an automatic scanning system.

In this field of vertical coating, CML Finishing presents one of the most successful products ever in its line: Ghost-C. This robot, designed for customers who want the best in application quality as well as the possibility of working on products that present special aesthetic, qualitative and dimensional characteristics, represents the best that the market has to offer. Ghost-C works by tracking the suspended pieces, thanks to a moving conveyor: this way, when the pieces enter the coating booth (with the tracking function), the robot is able to optimise the processing times.

In 2020, the new Ghost-X model was introduced, completely renovated in its design and equipped with high performing management software with new functions. Ghost-X therefore ranks as an innovative machine that has gained top position on the world market of suspended element finishing, such as doors, windows, CLT, home appliances, ETC..

Ghost-X can be enriched with a vast series of accessories such as: multiple paint feeding circuits, quick colour change, paint feeding systems.


Lastly, Flow-Coating is the element that completes the range of vertical spray application techniques, exclusively for the wood industry. In fact, suspended wood element impregnation systems make it possible to impregnate wood through a gravity flow system that uses very low pressures to allow the wood to absorb the specific treatment products (fungicides and colorants).

Curtain application technique

The curtain coater is the first automated machine built for the horizontal application of coatings on flat surfaces. A fine layer of paint, dosed through a crack, flows by gravity or with slight pressure onto the moving substrate. The quantity is controlled by the width of the crack opening, and the travel speed of the pieces being coated.

The VEGA series includes single or twin head machines, mounted directly on the conveyor or on pull-out trolleys.