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Coating systems for frames, doors and windows

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CML Finishing manufactures coating systems and has a great level of experience in the treatment of various surfaces such as frames, doors and windows. Each of our company's coating plants offers a complete system that can be adapted to become an integral part of the client's production environment.

Coating is one of the most important phases in the production process of door and window frames, and when it comes to complex three-dimensional objects such as doors and windows, achieving a high-quality, uniform coating, achieving maximum production efficiency and minimizing machine downtime are the main objectives of clients. Satisfying these requirements is possible thanks to the state-of-the-art coating equipment that CML Finishing offers.

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Coating systems for various surfaces
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High-level coating equipment

Innovative coating robots for different types of windows and doors

Our company invests in coating robots which, thanks to automation, offer immediate advantages including time savings, reduced paint consumption, increased productivity and improved coating quality, on every single piece.

The coating robots for the various types of door and window frames are designed to offer a complete system and are created ad hoc according to the client's requirements, guaranteeing maximum excellence over time.

CML Finishing offers a wide range of highly innovative, high-performance robots for the coating of frames, doors and windows. The technologically advanced coating robots ensure consistent and precise robotic application, with the certainty that every single window or door frame has a consistent layer of coating on all sides.

Investing in robots for the coating of frames, doors and windows becomes a competitive advantage and leads to an important result: higher productivity.

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