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We believe that it is necessary to adapt the proposed system to the typical and unique needs of the customer, in a sector where it is the customer that usually has to modify their production and work method, adapting to the standard machinery available on the market.

We also strongly believe in the need to dedicate attention to, within our possibilities, plant-engineering solutions that prioritise energy savings and reduce emissions that are harmful to the atmosphere to minimum levels, in line with the tenets of the 'green economy'.



CML Finishing was founded over ten years ago on the commitment and passion of a group of professionals with over thirty years of experience in the coating industry.

The company, which is a satellite unit of the parent company CML (Centro Macchine Legno), operating in building work centres for the door and window fittings industry, came out with a clear program from the get-go.

In fact, the industrial project is to appeal to a niche market, where the company can play the role of preferential partner for customers looking for ?tailor made? systems that fulfil specific needs that cannot be fulfilled by standard machinery on the market.

In fact, at CML, there is a large number of designers creating custom system that satisfy every need.


CML Finishing left the CML Machinery group to pursue its own individual path, developing its own experience in diversified markets (metal, plastic, glass, etc.)

From this moment on CML Finishing can pursue its most natural vocation: to work in diverse sectors, no longer limited to the field of wood and wood derivative surface treatment, i.e. what was previously the CML Machinery reference sector.

They accordingly acquired major international customers in the glass, plastic and metal coating industry, allowing the company to expand in terms of capacity and competence.


ROBERT BUERKLE GMBH became part of the CML Finishing shareholding structure of CML Finishing, for the purpose of amplifying the synergies of wooden - and wood derivative - panel coating.

This successful collaboration, already in place since 2014, persuaded ROBERT BUERKLE GMBH, a leader in the industry, that CML Finishing was the right partner to best develop their spray application technology. In the years thereafter, this technology was developed and sold under the name of this well-known trademark.


Ghost-C, a coating robot for wooden and PVC doors and windows, at the 2018 edition of Xylexpo in Milan, was awarded the prestigious XIA-Award, recognising this machine as the best innovation of 2018 in the field of finishing machines.

CML Finishing develops and perfects special finishing processes on metal.


In 2020, the new Ghost-X model is introduced, a sparying robot completely renewed in design and equipped with high-performance management software with new functionalities. Ghost-X is therefore an innovative machine that has earned a prominent position on the world market for the finishing of hanging elements such as doors, windows, CLT, appliances, ETC..

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