CML New Finishing

Ghost X, Ghost X, a renewed and avant-garde sparying robot

Ghost-X, the innovative sparying robot for finishing hanging elements

Ghost-X is a sparying robot that has completely renewed in design and equipped with high-performance management software with new functionalities. The Ghost-X spray robot is an innovative machine for finishing hanging elements such as doors, windows, CLT, household, appliances, ETC…

Ghost-X is a six-axis  managed by brushless motors with absolute encoders (noneed of resetting) sparying robot with self-learning programs generation. Moreover the sparying robot is equipped with numerical control complete with intuitive HMI, which guides the operator with ease in all the programming and management environments of the numerical control with interactive help, explanatory graphics and simple familiar icons.

This innovative sparying robot is fitted with an acquisition system of the elements to be painted by means of a reading bar that identifies shapes and dimensions, with a tracking function (painting on moving frames, and a parking function, which automatically controls the paint quantity and the spray gun fan opening.

The Ghost-X sparying robot is perfect for the spray application of coatings on hanging elements such as windows, doors (wood and PVC) and wood panels (CLT).

Furthermore, Ghost-X is a sparying robot with a “Smart Box” automatic spray nozzle cleaning system, a color change (10 colors + wash), a double spray gun, a double cable chain to separate power cabbles from paint hoses, a visor and program simulator and an editing of worklist by barcode.