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Automated coating systems


Solutions for coating surfaces

As a standard-setting company in the field of surface treatment, we always stand alongside our Customers, intervening with new solutions, developing competence and fulfilling the new requests that are presented to us for every new project.

With our deep understanding of the broad range of surface coating solutions, we have developed innovative and modern automatic finishing systems, always abreast of the evolving times and customer needs.

Evaluation and analysis

Evaluation and analysis

Thanks to the team of experts at CML Finishing, the company is able to offer a consulting service aimed at guiding the buyer in choosing the most fitting and satisfying solution.

Starting from the result they wish to achieve, from the analysis of the production volumes, from the space available for installation, as well as the buyer?s investment capacity, the project that best fits these criteria is developed.

Turnkey and concept

Turn-key and concept

CML Finishing takes care of every step:

  • Detailed design;
  • Supply of materials;
  • Construction;
  • Assembly;
  • After-sales assistance.

In order to ensure the correct flow of information, our strategy is to interface directly with the various suppliers who are responsible for the accessory works serving the system. This work mode allows the customer who so wishes, to confidently delegate technical choices that are outside of their field and that, if needed to be made, could easily lead to evaluation errors.

Plant layout

Systems layout

For each project, the customer is given a layout drawing complete with all of the useful information for organising the construction of services to the system (electrical energy, delivery and ejection pipes, heating/cooling energy on demand etc. etc.)

System design

Customised systems for every company need

If something does not exist yet, we will develop it for you!

Thanks to our “custom” system design service, if you have a special need that you cannot find an available solution for, tell us what you are looking for and we will find a solution. We have built “tailored” systems for various products that did not have pre-existing solutions: your needs are our guidelines.


A direct line for our customers

Our team works to guarantee close and continuous assistance: we are where our Customers are.

From training technical production personnel to offering system post-sales services, to the remote assistance of our systems, CML Finishing is always alongside its Customers.

Spare parts

The quick and efficient supply of spare parts and consumables

We are aware that the downtime of a system causes considerable economic damage to a company, this is why we place great care in providing a careful and quick spare parts service in order to minimise any inconvenience.

We supply many consumables not only for our production, but also for universal types of coating systems.

Technical consulting and changes to pre-existing systems

Consulting and analysis service of active systems

The staff at CML Finishing is at your disposal for consulting services, even if not for the immediate supply of a system, but solely dedicated to the design and discussion of the feasibility of such a system or, alternatively, the analysis of existing systems that require revision.

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