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Best-in-class coating equipment for premium finishes

In all sectors of industry, there is a growing need to coat products fully automatically, thanks to the use of coating systems and robots that guarantee very high quality.

In a world that is increasingly moving towards product standardization, the need to continually improve and stand out from the rest is ever present.

Our coating systems make it possible to achieve a high level of surface finish, and to give immediate added value to any item that the eye sees.

When potential buyers come across a high-quality finish, it is instantly recognized and it is instinct that guides them to attribute a higher value to the product that displays it.

For this reason, investing in professional, high-end coating machines, robots and systems makes it possible to guarantee an increased value for the quality of one's own products.

CML Finishing is a company formed by a highly specialized technical-commercial staff, capable of analyzing the production characteristics of each client, in order to suggest the most appropriate methods and coating systems for their respective needs.

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Professional and customized painting robots

CML Finishing not only manufactures and sells coating machines, robots and systems, but also provides professional advice to help guide users through the process of choosing the most suitable coating robot, machine or system for their specific needs.

 This type of attention, for others is occasional, for CML Finishing it is the norm.

 This is also the reason that drives our company to strive for continuous improvement of painting machines and thus offer end users the best state-of-the-art painting robots to make successful products.

 The production program, created and marketed by CML Finishing, includes a wide range of coating robots, coating machines and coating systems, all of which are suitable for coating the various types of manufactured goods and capable of satisfying the most articulated and specific needs of the client.

The coating robots, systems and machines that our company offers represent the best available on the market for clients who are looking for excellence in application quality.