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Flow coating system mod. Rock - 1 for doors and windows

Flow coating system mod. Rock - 1 for doors and windows

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Rock - 1, a coating and impregnation machine for wooden windows with an automatic impregnation and application system for stains and insulation applied by flow coating method.


- Thanks to the oscillating paint ramps and the reduced number of nozzles, the amount of paint product required to operate the machine is only 25 litres.
- The colour change is possible in a very short time, as the cleaning cycle and the change from one product to another is managed by a PLC and automatic three-way valves.
- The washing water can be automatically drained and charged from the water mains, from a special container or from an existing clarifier.

The Rock-1 is a perfect coating machine for impregnating and painting wooden windows and wooden hanging elements. The containment structure of this paint machine is made of high-strength polypropylene to facilitate product flow. The containment tank is made of stainless steel and the paint application system with double oscillating ramps consists of four adjustable distribution nozzles. The ramps are fed by a diaphragm pump for water-based products.