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Cartesian coating robot for panels

Cartesian coating robot for panels

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Ghost-XII is a coating robot that has been completely redesigned and equipped with high-performance management software with new features. The Ghost-XII coating robot is an innovative machine for finishing hanging elements such as doors and CLT wooden panels.

Ghost- XII is a six-axis coating robot, managed by brushless motors with absolute encoders (no need for resetting) with self-learning programme generation. In addition, the coating robot is equipped with an intuitive HMI that guides the operator easily through all programming and control environments with interactive help, explanatory graphics and simple, familiar icons.

This state-of-the-art coating robot features a scanning system that identifies shapes and dimensions, a tracking function (painting with moving parts), a parking function, automatic paint quantity control, fan opening and spray gun atomisation.

The Ghost-XII coating robot is perfect for the spray application of paint products on hanging elements such as doors (wood and PVC) and wooden panels (CLT).

In addition, Ghost-XII is a coating  robot equipped with an automatic 'Smart Box' spray nozzle cleaning system, colour change (10 colours + wash), double spray gun, double cable chain to separate power supply cables from paint hoses. The system is equipped with a 3D viewer and a machining programme simulator. Automatic compilation of work lists via barcode is possible.