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Drying ovens and systems

Higher efficiency in shorter drying times

The chemistry of the coating products is the element that governs the choice of the best drying system.

Hot air is the most traditional system for dye and coating drying, at variable temperatures and times based on the composition of said coatings.

When speaking of ‘hot air’, it may seem like we are talking about a relatively simple technology: nothing could be further from the truth! In fact, dosing the temperature and the particular method of ventilation are determining elements in considerably shortening drying time, all the while complying with the chemical-physical characteristics of the coating product and the treated workpiece. Also in this case, experience is at the basis of a good result and our team guarantees extreme professionalism, extensive knowledge and experience. In this field, our aim is to find the best solution to shorten the drying time or the amount of time required for evaporation of the volatile part contained in the coatings, differentiating temperatures, flows, air speeds and combining the various technologies, including the use of low, medium and high intensity infrared ray and/or UV ray lamps and, with aqueous-based products, the use of microwaves to obtain the best result of evaporation of the volatile part.
In fact, the microwave and long-wave infrared drying technologies are often used for the drying stages.

Of the hot air ovens, there are versions that develop vertically in cases where long flash-off and drying times are required.

Lastly, there are chemical products called ‘100% solid’ as they are pure resins and contain virtually no volatile component content, whether water or solvent. In this case, drying can be done in UV ovens equipped with only ultraviolet lamps, without the use of air.

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